Our Leadership team


Nick Vincent


Emily Codling

Head teacher

Cathy Whiting

Business Development Manager

As the students of Eden Park High School are currently taught by teachers of The Ravensbourne School and Eden Park High School. This enables our teachers to be fully skilled in teaching all key stages and a variety of qualifications so they are fully prepared for when we move to our permanent site in Balmoral Avenue, Beckenham. As the school continues on it's journey the number of staff will grow. The teachers below have been appointed as part of Eden Park High School.

Mr S Muzio; Assistant Headteacher
Mr D. Matthews; Progress Leader
Mr A. Murphy; Deputy Year Leader
Miss V. Cadden; Teacher of Geography
Miss R. Tracey; Teacher of Maths
Miss L. Lopez; Teacher of MfL
Mr G. Wright; Teacher of Science
Miss L. Brown; Teacher of English
Miss R. Smith; Teacher of Geography (STEM specialist)

The school also has a team of learning mentors that support both the pastoral and academic development of each child. Our learning mentors are;

Ms S. Cabey
Ms. L. Goodrich
Ms K. Whitmee

"Highly qualified staff who deliver a first class education"