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Ethos and Values

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Ethos and Values


We hold the highest expectations for every student and achievement on all levels is celebrated and rewarded.

We set ambitious and challenging targets and support our students to enable them to reach the best of their ability.

Our staff place great value on developing high quality relationships with the students and every student’s unique ability is nurtured. Our students are supported by their tutors who provide daily guidance ensuring students are equipped to manage all aspects of life, both in and out of school. We believe in our students and in turn they have confidence in themselves.

The curriculum is broad and tailor-made so that every student is motivated and engaged. Learning pathways are carefully designed so that they meet all student’s needs and abilities. A busy child is a happy child and happiness leads to success. A student’s day will be full as they experience a wide range of subject areas, from Science to Performing Arts, from English to Modern Foreign Languages, from Creative Arts to Humanities.

Parents are a key factor in determining their child’s success in school. We look for mutual support and work with yourselves to provide the right balance of help, comfort and boundaries as and when they are needed for your children.


We teach our students the importance of making positive choices


We nurture a student’s all-round development to excellence


Students have the opportunity to flourish in an enriched curriculum


We offer a broader and deeper education in an inspirational environment


Traditional Values

We uphold traditional values and teach our students the importance of hard work, perseverance and courtesy. Excellent behaviour for learning is central to the running of our school. Manners matter and uniform is worn with pride. Our students respect each other’s views, recognise right from wrong, are socially adept and respect and celebrate diversity.

Student leadership is strong and student voice is encouraged through many schemes, including peer mentoring, school council and a prefect system. Each student is valued as an individual and we work hard to ensure that their unique abilities are nurtured. Our students work in co-educational ability-based groups for most of their subjects. They also have the opportunity to experience mixed ability teaching and single gender groupings when appropriate. Each student is stretched and challenged so that they can fulfil their full potential.

All students need to be fluent in literacy and numeracy. At Eden Park High, numeracy and literacy underpin all subjects to ensure that we are developing strong and courageous learners. We encourage all of our students to make positive differences to the whole community and encourage them to stand by their individual responsibilities and appreciate the contribution that they can make to society. Our students are committed to many community projects for which we are proud, including links with primary schools, care homes and looking after the natural environment. Eden Park High joins together the traditions of the past with the exciting opportunities for the future.

21st Century Skills

Eden Park High School prepares your child for the 21st Century world of work as our students develop core skills needed for future employment. Our bespoke campus has well-equipped Science laboratories, exceptional workshop areas, WIFI access, extensive libraries and up-to-date ICT facilities across all departments.

Our curriculum centres on developing confident, collaborative students who are able to solve problems, take an enquiry-based approach to their learning, be effective team workers and have high levels of digital literacy. We combine the best learning resources with intellectually stimulating and relevant lessons on which they thrive and succeed. We offer a STEM specialism in school which promotes exciting and powerful learning experiences.

Information and guidance are provided to every student through a personalised careers programme so that they are fully prepared for their next stage of life.

Enrichment For All

Students need more than just excellent examination results to excel in the modern world. Your child will discover their passions and interests through our vast programme of extra-curricular activities, supported by specialist and well qualified staff. Students have the opportunity to flourish in an enriched curriculum which is made possible by our extended school day.

Activities include performing arts, sports, life skills, STEM activities, outdoor pursuits, educational visits, creative arts and other exciting and inspiring experiences. Every student will spend a significant amount of time each day engaged in a valuable learning experience outside of the classroom to develop a lifelong love of learning. The curriculum is tailor-made, offering a range of pathways to every student. Through the enrichment programme they gain additional qualifications which builds their self-confidence and gives them an “edge” when applying to higher education and employment.

Extended Learning

Every child is unique and our extended school day enables us to support them to be the best they can be. Our students have a distinct seven year journey through Eden Park High School as they embark upon their own personal pathway which is defined through the extended learning day.

Academic progress is monitored very closely and expectations are made clear. Through the extended day we will support your child whenever extra help is needed. High quality teaching is provided to overcome any barriers to learning. This leads to outstanding achievement for all of our students.

Extending the school day means that we are able to offer a broader and deeper education as every student fulfils their individual potential according to their abilities, skills and interests. Through an extended day staff get to know their students extremely well, meaning that they are there not only for academic support, but also to broaden student’s horizons through our extensive and inclusive enrichment programme.