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Strategic Development Plan

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Strategic Development Plan

Our Strategic Development Plan has been specifically designed around the development of the whole child, irrespective of barriers to learning, is central to our mission and ethos.

Student Outcomes

Significantly raise levels of challenge and aspiration to change life chances for all our students.
  • All subjects: pupils heading towards achieving 100% + 3LOP and 50% +4LOP by the end of KS4. Tracking through KS3 will demonstrate this progress.
  • Disadvantaged student outcomes to be exceeding those expected of other pupils nationally by at least 10% by the end of KS4.
  • In school gaps between any groups of pupils to be closed year on year.
  • % of students entered for and attaining Ebacc to be above national at KS4 – option selection at the end of Year 9 to reflect this uptake of those identified subjects.
  • Achieve significant positive score in P8 measure at the end of KS4. Tracking through KS3 will demonstrate this progress.
  • Current grades across the curriculum demonstrate that pupils are making significant and sustained progress.
  • Pupils exhibit high levels of literacy and numeracy and those that enter Year 7 below expected standards catch up before Year 8.
  • Eden Park High School will perform in the top 5% nationally for progress.
  • The extended learning day will enable all students to make better than expected progress.
  • All students will be fully prepared for their next stage of education /training / employment.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Quality first teaching underpins everything we do: it gives students every opportunity to be the best they can be.

  • Ensure the best practice in assessment/feedback is consistent across the curriculum through regular Quality Assurance.
  • 100% of ‘teaching for progress over time’ to be judged as at least good.
  • Increase the % of outstanding ‘teaching for progress over time’ year on year.
  • Ensure all Year 7 students who are not yet secondary ready receive appropriate ‘catch up’ within a year.
  • Ensure SOW are fully effective so that all groups of students can make outstanding progress at all key stages in all subjects.
  • Make certain that the quality and level of challenge in home learning tasks is always consistently good.
  • Ensure assessment without levels strategy are rigorous and consistently implemented.
  • Develop clear, explicit ‘non negotiables’ for lesson and lesson planning.
  • Develop explicit procedure and impact for literacy and numeracy development in all subject areas.
  • Make sure that staff are fully developed to maintain “best expert” in areas that they teach.
  • Guarantee that teachers have time for collaborative planning so that it underpins effective teaching.

Safeguarding and Behaviour

Development of the whole child, irrespective of barriers to learning, is central to our mission and ethos.

  • Attendance for every year group to be 96%+. All groups of students to be 96%+.
  • Maintain and further develop the Trust’s culture of excellent behaviour for learning across all groups of students. The behaviour for learning policy will be based around the 5 Rs; resilience, responsibility, reflection, readiness, resourcefulness.
  • Maintain and further develop the Trust’s culture of excellent safeguarding practices for all students, with a particular focus on e-safety; radicalisation/extremism.
  • Ensure that PSHE, student leadership and CEIAG programmes are exemplary in all key stages and provide SMSC education that ensure all students are thoughtful, caring and active citizens.
  • Provide bespoke transition programmes between all key stages to ensure continuity and progression for all students.
  • On an annual basis, engage with parents, students and staff to ensure that behaviour, development and welfare programmes are fully responsive to needs.
  • 0% PEX and low levels of FTE.
  • The “Enrichment for All” programme will encourage students to be lifelong learners who continue to covet the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Every student will commit to and master an enrichment activity through their time at school.

Effective Leadership and Management

The key driving force at all levels of our school.

  • Ensure PPG, SEN, Literacy and Numeracy funding is used effectively to overcome barriers to learning in 3 key areas: Academic; Wellbeing; Enrichment.
  • Ensure governance is well informed, challenging and robust in focussing on school improvement.
  • Develop highly effective Line Managers for pastoral and academic roles through high quality distributed leadership.
  • Ensure KS3 is challenging; characterised by rapid progress and provides an excellent platform for Key Stages 4 and 5.
  • Ensure provision for the most able is challenging, enriching and leads to outstanding achievement.
  • Focus appraisal and staff development on providing demonstrable impact on student outcomes.
  • Continue to develop rigorous self-evaluation that focusses on continual improvement and provides clear analysis of strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Ensure all appraisal targets reflect the whole school targets for 3LOP; 4LOP.
  • Deploy the staff development budget to ensure that ‘quality first teaching’ and safeguarding have a strong focus.
  • Offer bespoke development opportunities for teachers at different career stages.

School development plan

This is a working document and updated termly once presented to the Local Governing Body as to the school’s progress.

School Development Plan