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Home Learning at Eden Park High School

The intention of home learning at Eden Park is to have a positive impact on student progress. Home learning is to help student’s build capacity for independent learning while improving their retention of knowledge needed for their assessment and GCSE exams.

Home Learning at EPHS 

  • Is planned purposefully into Schemes of Learning and clearly communicated to parents and students through use of planners and the Arbor app. 
  • Is well designed and is linked to learning in lessons
  • Removes barriers to completion such as the need for electronic devices or specialist equipment
  • Differentiated to match the needs of all our learners and accessible to all students without “expert” assistance from parents  
  • Receives feedback (self, peer, or teacher led)


Four Types of Home Learning Tasks





These tasks prepare students for their lesson.


Examples include: - reading an article, listening to a podcast, learning facts for the next lesson.

These tasks prepare students for a test.


Examples include: - learning spellings, learning vocabulary, learning times tables, memorising information / facts - practice of skills.


At KS4 and KS5 these tasks will include opportunities to practice exam style questions.

A project closely linked to their taught curriculum content in one subject (or a group of subjects), supported through lessons.


Examples include: - research about a local issue, finding out about the influences of a favourite artist/musician,

These optional tasks allow students to broaden their learning and are not assessed directly.


Examples include: - further reading, creative writing, keeping a sketchbook


Home Learning Schedule 

Year Group

Approximate Hours Per Week


2-3 hours per week


4-6 hours per week


6 hours per subject per week

*Per week includes a weekend

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