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Uniform requirements

Uniform for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 

  • EPHS school blazer
  • Light blue shirt 
  • The EPHS school tie – dark blue for the incoming Year 7s, with Years 8 and 9 continuing their striped ties
  • Grey school trousers (unisex) or EPHS school skirt 
  • EPHS Pullover (optional)
  • Tights should be plain grey or black
  • Socks should be plain grey or black
  • EPHS summer shorts: grey trouser style shorts can be worn between May half-term and October half-term (optional) 


  • EPHS school blazer  
  • Light blue shirt or open necked blouse with no tie collar 
  • The EPHS school tie – dark blue 
  • Grey school trousers (unisex) or EPHS school skirt  
  • EPHS Pullover (optional) 
  • Tights should be plain grey or black 
  • Socks should be plain grey or black
  • EPHS summer shorts: grey trouser style shorts can be worn between May half-term and October half-term (optional) 

Eden Park High School previously included school trousers and shirts with an embroidered EPH logo as part of its school uniform. These were significantly more expensive than unbranded school trousers and shirts can be bought for, so we no longer require these as part of the school uniform.  

In the absence of these items, parents and carers should ensure that trousers are of the standard grey colour used for school uniform and shirts are of the standard light blue colour used for school shirts. Trousers must be a school trouser style, not jersey, jogging bottom style or of other material. 


  • EPHS tracksuit top 
  • EPHS tracksuit bottoms 
  • EPHS polo shirt 
  • EPHS skort  
  • EPHS shorts (unisex) 
  • Unisex royal blue socks or white sports socks 

These items can only be purchased from our authorised suppliers who are: 

Bromley Schoolwear 
51 High Street 
BR1 1LE  

0208 460 0032 


www.bromleyschoolwear.co.ukWe expect all students to be dressed in their full school uniform every day. Jumpers or cardigans other than the EPHS pullover are not allowed as part of the uniform. 

wearing our uniform

Students are expected to wear our full school uniform correctly.  

  • Ties must be tied with suitable length (coming to just above the belt line) and shirt top buttons should be fastened at all times. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in. 
  • Blazers must be worn at all times (except at lunchtime in good weather). Staff may allow students to remove blazers when in classrooms. Blazers must be worn and not carried between lessons.  

Jewellery: Students are permitted to wear one small stud in each earlobe.  Other jewellery of any description is not allowed. Nose piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings or any other form of piercings are not acceptable in our school. 

School Bags: Students must purchase a school bag. The bag must be able to transport an A4 folder, books and a pencil case. A plain black/dark coloured rucksack is the most appropriate school bag.  All PE, dance and drama kit will need to be transported in a sports bag. Parents can purchase a recommended school bag from Bromley Schoolwear. 

School Shoes:  School shoes should be functional, not fashion items.  Plain black shoes are acceptable whereas any other form of shoe (i.e. canvas, leisure, training shoes, boots of any description or labelled shoes) is not.   

Make-up:  Students are not allowed to wear make-up of any description.  Medical exemptions require a current Consultant Dermatologist letter.  Fake tan is not allowed, neither are nail extensions or false eyelashes. 

Hairstyles:  All students should wear a hairstyle that would be acceptable in an office environment.  Very short crew cuts (below a number 4) and Mohicans are not allowed.  Similarly, students should not have any designs shaved into their hair. If dyed, students should only have colours which grow naturally from a human scalp. 

School Coat:   Students need to purchase a weatherproof outdoor coat.  It should be black or dark coloured and have the minimum of logos showing. A reflective strip can be added to the dark coat, particularly during winter months.  

Hooded jackets or cardigans of any description are not allowed. Outdoor wear is not to be worn in the school building because we want students to wear their uniform with pride and not have this covered up unnecessarily.