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At Eden Park High School we strive for every student to be the best they can be.

The extended school day enables the school with the opportunity to provide a weekly enrichment opportunity for all students. We aim to make our students stand out from the crowd; with the Enrichment programme, we can add more than just academic success to our students’ CVs.

Each of the enrichment opportunities offered provides students with tangible outcomes; this could be through the collection of various recognised awards such as the Crest Award, Arts Award, Sport Leaders Awards and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or through the participation in regionally or nationally recognised events/competitions.

Although the standard school curriculum is broad, the addition of the weekly enrichment opportunity helps to further broaden student experiences. This enables all students to further pursue any specific interests and develop a portfolio of additional qualifications and experiences, enabling students to become well-rounded young people prepared for modern day society. As well as this, it could give students the opportunity to try something new and potentially develop a new interest of hobby.

The participation in enrichment increases student motivation and engagement in their learning and ensures all students, no matter their background, engage in an enrichment programme. The enrichment programme is a key part of the school equality for all and enrichment for all curriculum ethos.

Each year students are provided with a booklet and select the enrichment option/s they would prefer to follow and then decide what they would like to participate in for the upcoming term. Then, for most options, the student would then choose another option, so that they experience more than one session over the course of the year.

Please see below the booklets and the options available to the students this year.

Year 7 Enrichment

Year 8 Enrichment

Year 9 Enrichment

Year 10 Enrichment