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Reporting and Assessment

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Reporting and Assessment

The purpose of assessment is to provide a clear indication of the strengths and areas for improvement for every student, resulting in improved motivation from a student to further improve their progress.

Whilst assessment data provides the school, student, teacher and parent/carer a clear insight into their current levels of progress it is important to remember that high attainment outcomes can only be achieved through outstanding effort by the student coupled with outstanding teaching and learning from our teaching staff.

The content of each assessments will grow as the year progresses. In Key Stage 4 and 5 students are formally assessed on a termly basis. In Key Stage 3 students low stakes assessments are used throughout the delivery of the curriculum to monitor student progress. At the end of the summer term students will sit an end of year assessment that covers the curriculum content covered throughout the whole academic year. This synoptic style assessment system ensures students continually reflect on and retrieve knowledge gained throughout the academic year, building students ability to retain and apply knowledge.

Each student receives a target grade they need to reach by the Key Stage 4 based on their outcomes from their Key Stage 2 assessments. These are calculated based on the data provided to the school from the Department for Education and other external data sources. Minimum expected grades are refined using Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT) assessments. These tests are also used to identify any key areas that require attention for numeracy and literacy. This enables the school to provide extra support for each child when they join the school.

In Key Stage 3 the school captures attitude to learning grades and homework grades on a student termly and this data is reported home to parents/carers, helping to keep them informed of the child’s current progress.

In Key Stage 4 a 9 - 1 grade is captured termly demonstrating their current level of working. At the end of year 10 and once the student enters into year 11 teachers will also provide a predicted grade, indicating the grade a student is likely to achieve at the end of year 11 should they continue to demonstrate the same level of progress. Attitude to learning and homework grades are also collected at each data collection point. Reports are sent home to parents of a termly basis.

If required, parents/carers are also invited in for a meeting with a member of staff to discuss any barriers there might be to learning and how the school can support a child in removing these obstacles to enable greater progress.

Parental engagement is vital in supporting a child’s academic progress. With this in mind, parents/carers are provided with the contact details of their child’s subject teachers when a report is sent home should they wish to discuss the progress they are making in individual subject areas.

Reports are shared via Arbor. All parents are provided with login details for this online portal when their child joins the school. As a child progresses through school their reports will be stored within this online system.