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SEND or Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, is a key focus at the heart of Eden Park High School.

This is because we believe strongly in equality for all and the idea of inclusion is central to our belief system. Everyone deserves the right to experience the highest level of education, Our job in the SEND Department is to ensure that this happens.

We work in a myriad of ways to champion students who have a range of different barriers to learning. We will not rest until they have reached their potential.

We have a superb team in the SEND Department. The team is built of a range of learning mentors who bring with them a breadth of experience and knowledge. Each of the learning mentors have a specialism, for example we have a lead in Dyslexia, Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Visual/Hearing Impairment and Classroom Support. The learning mentors train to exceptional standards and welcome the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. We are committed to being a contemporary department who have their finger on the pulse of SEND provision. We work closely with the local community, and are regular visitors to forums, whether that be the local Secondary SENDCo Forum, Our Trust SENDCo Forum, or a range of forums set up by the borough. We have representatives from our department who are Autism, Communication and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Champions.

We believe strongly in a student-centred approach and have a SEND Student Council where we give the students we work with a platform to speak. We believe in collaboration in the SEND Department and regularly distribute students, staff and parent questionnaires to ensure that we take everyone’s opinions and views into account to create the most effective provisions. We work strongly with our SEND Governor and practice regular Staff SEND training through briefings and INSET Days. We deliver an in-depth SEND INSET to all staff at the start of each year. There are SEND Representatives in each subject department, who meet with me and then cascade piece of information back to their team. We ensure that every teacher has a SEND folder that we engage with in teaching and planning, and this includes profile pages for the highest need SEND students, and can be used as a manual to ensure the students have the highest quality learning experiences.

Each department is asked to create a SEND Overview. This documents how each department will personalise it’s learning for the students on the SEND Register. We are a dynamic and forward thinking department, we regularly share best practice and myself a number of my team have taken placements at other local schools to learn from them and have accepted colleagues from schools to come and see what we do at Eden Park High School.

We work with the wider community also and have a partnership with Goldsmiths University where we are working to bring their Psychology students on their degree to come in and mentor our students. We have been part of the Anna Freud Aware project, raising the importance of mental health and well-being In our students. We lead with literacy support and use a range of online platforms to raise literacy levels in students who are struggling and therefore unlock their potential in all subjects. We are also pioneering a Well-Being App that the students can engage with to reach out to staff and to have access to important resources that will educate them in self-care.

A passion in the SEND Department is to give every child the chance to succeed and to ensure that students on the SEND Register are not considered “low ability“ and  to ensure that any barriers that students have to learning, will be broken down, in order for the students to be the best they can be.

For more information please contact Mrs K. Bayman, SENDCo:


Policies and Key Documents:

Send Policy 2020-21

SEND Information Report 2020

Catch-up funding statement

Accessibility Plan

Disability Policy