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Student Leadership

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Eden Park High School aims to ensure our students are able to push themselves further - gaining a range of responsibilities and transferable skills along the way.

We focus upon four main areas in order to achieve this- Student Representation, Peer Support, Community Relations and External Enterprise and Competition. In doing so we hold a whole host of regular and ‘one off’ initiatives that our students actively engage with- from the initial creation and vision to the promotion and management of.

Each year group is able to volunteer themselves to be a member of a Student Leadership Body (Year 7- Form Ambassadors, Year 8- Student Council, Year 9 Prefect Team, Key Stage 4 Prefect Team). As students’ progress through their school careers, so will their roles and responsibilities within each of these groups- learning along the way to become proactive leaders, representing their peers and working alongside EPHS staff. Each Year Group above is responsible for overseeing and managing that of the year below - contributing to the development of the school culture and identity.  


Alongside this we have begun to work with the SSAT (the School, Students and Teachers Network) to ensure all our Student Leaders become accredited for  their work, building, as they go, a portfolio of evidence that may be submitted for either the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.


Many of our programmes and events centre around building the students knowledge of and skills surrounding Citizenship.

Some previous events have included:-

  • The Citizenship Foundations Magistrates Mock Trial Competition and Brexit Workshops
  • Bromley Youth Council
  • House of Parliament Debate Workshops
  • TFL Youth Travel Ambassadors Stars Programme
  • Collection for Bromley Foodbank
  • The Debating Matters and Pixl Debate Championships

We are constantly on the look out for new ventures. If you have something you think would be of interest for our students leaders feel free to get in touch.

EPHS Students are welcome to join any of our projects at any time and are welcome to email the Student Leadership Team at any point to join our voice.

Student Leadership Team

Elspeth and Lilly- Head Students

Mr Shuttleworth: mshuttleworth@eph.e21c.co.uk