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The transition from Primary to Secondary School is an exciting time for children.

In order to support all students with their transition the school provides a number of different events. Below are the events that are being run for the Year 6 students.

Please click this link to open the Year 7 Transition Booklet Updated Year 7 Transition Booklet 2020 . For any questions relating to your child’s transition to Eden Park High School, email Miss. O’Donoghue at FODonoghue@eph.e21c.co.uk .  Ms. O’Donoghue (will be starting at Eden Park High School after the Easter break).

Below is an outline of the transition events taking place.

Baseline assessments

Pre-assessments help the school establish your child’s strengths and areas for development. The results of these assessments are used in conjunction with the SAT data to make sure the teaching for your child is appropriately challenging. Our aim is to hold these during the dates: 17th August – 28th August, from 9:00am – 12.30pm. Your child must bring a set of headphones and a reading book in with them. Students must also bring with them a packed lunch or £1.50 to purchase a snack during their break. Students should be dressed in their Primary school uniform.

Induction Day

We understand how important it is for your child to experience a working day in our secondary school. Therefore, we hope to arrange this for some time during the dates: 17th August – 28th August. This will be an invaluable opportunity for your child to experience secondary school style lessons. On this day, your child should bring with them a pencil case with a pen. Your child should also bring either £2 to buy lunch or bring a packed lunch for the day. Students should be dressed in their Primary school uniform for the day

Primary School Visits

Unfortunately, under the current situation, staff from Eden Park High School will not be able to visit your child’s Primary school to meet with their teachers and speak to your child. However, we do intend to uphold regular communication with both you and the primary schools. We have already contacted every primary school to request key information that will prove invaluable to us – giving your child the best support possible.

Team Meetings

If you have any concerns which you think might affect your child settling in to secondary school, then please email your child’s head of year, Miss. O’Donoghue (FODonoghue@eph.e21c.co.uk) to discuss how best we can support your child.

Saturday Fun Day

This will need to be reviewed – in line with government guidance on mass gatherings and will be managed according to what is allowed.

Year 7 Welcome Evening

All parents are invited into the school once your child has started at Eden Park High School. At this event you will have the opportunity to see your child’s form tutor and speak with other parents and teachers of the school. You will also be able to view the work your child has being doing in school up to this point. You will be notified of the date of this event at the start of the academic year.  It will take place close to the October Half-Term break.

EPHS Christmas Concert

To celebrate the end to your child’s first term all year 7 Eden Park High School students participate in the school’s Christmas Concert. More details of this event will be released in the Autumn term.