Teaching is an exciting and rewarding career. It is true in what they say that you will never be a millionaire through teaching, but I promise you that the internal feeling you get when you see a young person achieve is priceless.

Benefits to becomes a qualified teacher includes:

· Huge social interactions with adults and young people

· Multiple career progressions should you wish to move into leadership

· An environment that allows people to take risks and try new ideas

· Constant continued professional development

· Collaboration through working in a team environment

· 13 weeks paid holiday a year

In order to be a qualified teacher, you need to obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Within the UK, there are multiple methods to achieve QTS, with some options also providing you with credits towards a masters accreditation at the same time.

Below are the most common methods of gaining QTS. Click on the link and it will take you to a summary page of the route, to give you a better idea into which pathway to achieve QTS is suited for you.

Training Routes into Teaching




· AO

· Teach First

· Teaching apprenticeship

If you would like to know more information about how to get signed up to one of these pathways, please speak to Tom Golding by email tgolding@eph.e21c.co.uk

Initial Teacher Training

Staff Development

Steps to headship

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