Independent Learning

One of the most distinguishing features of Eden Park High School is the extended school day. Through the provision of the extended school day all students complete their homework in school, ensuring all students have equal access to support, guidance and resources to complete their homework helping to fulfil our curriculum principle of equality for all.

Students completing homework during school time enables a healthier work-life balance and enables them to enjoy outside of school activities without the pressure of also completing homework.

Each student is timetabled to be in a computer room with a member of staff at specific times throughout their two week timetable. All their work is hosted online through a web-based system called classcharts. To view the school homework calendar please click here.

The type of work set is varied and can either help students prepare for an upcoming lesson, build upon previous knowledge from a lesson or consolidate previous knowledge gained from a lesson.

Students also have access to a variety of online platforms to enhance their learning. Please click the links below to access each of the online learning platforms. These platforms can be accessed both in school and out of school.

SAM Learning

Sam Learning is an online tool that provides support for all subject areas. Students can participate in a variety of activities and can select the specific topics they would like to focus on. Students can earn points for completing each activity and can create their own character. Healthy competition is encouraged with tutor groups competing for the most points and individual students seeing how they rank within their year group.

For more information on Sam Learning or to request your child’s login details please email kbayman@e21c.co.uk.

Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths is a great online platform students can access to enhance their mathematical abilities.

For more information on Hegarty Maths or to request your child’s login details please email jforeman@e21c.co.uk.


Kerboodle supports students learning of modern foreign languages. Students are able to access an online version of the textbook used in class for French and Spanish. The textbook comes with a number of resources and activities students can engage with to develop their language skills in either French or Spanish.

For more information or to request your child’s login details please email ssanchez@e21c.co.uk.

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning is an online resource used by Science teachers to help consolidate content learnt, or as a starting point for a new topic. Students are guided through a range of tutorials and then asked to complete questions on that topic at the end of the assignment. Teachers can then see data on how long each student has spent on the assignment, the percentage of correct answers they gave and the ways in which students have responded to the questions. This software is popular as it is a good way of allowing students to attempt regular, exam-style questions in line with GCSE and KS3 specifications. The software also helps the department analyse areas that students require extra intervention on.