Independent Learning

One of the key features of Eden Park High is the independent learning. Independent Learning provides our students with the opportunity to complete home-learning where they have the appropriate resources, support and guidance. This enables the school to closely monitor the student in the completion of their home-learning and appropriate support can be provided when needed. This means students leave at 4:45pm not having to worry about completing any work at home, helping to create a healthier balance between school and home.

However, we do not want to dampen a students inquisitive nature. If a student has found a topic or skill they have learnt at school that day interesting we would encourage you nurture that curiosity and allow them to be inquisitive learners. This will help foster the philosophy of lifelong learning within our students, helping to ensure they are the best they can be.

Independent learning also provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities to enrich their education. These will focus around the 5 C’s (Communication, Careers, Competition, Community and Critical Thinking) and provides students with unique learning opportunities.

Through Independent Learning our students will also be working towards earning extra rewards that are recognised nationally. These include; the CREST awards, arts awards, sports leaders awards and qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh award as our students get older. This will help our students evolve into well-rounded young people ready for any future challenges and opportunities. Click the icon below to see the enrichment programmes available to students during the extended day.

For more information on our extended learning provision please click here.

For more information on our enrichment provision please click here.