Remote Learning

This page is dedicated to providing students and parents/guardians with the support and guidance they need whilst the school is open to only vulnerable students and students who have parents/guardians who are key workers.

For the latest government advice on how to protect your household during the COVID-19 pandemic please click here.

If you are a student and have concerns, you can contact any member of staff who will be checking their emails regularly. You may also want to access the following services;

NHS 111 online – click the link or call 111 for support

Childline – click the link or call 0800 1111 for support

NSPCC – click the link or call 0800 1111

Kooth – click on the link for more information

STEM4 also provide resources to support students with their mental health.

If you are an adult who is worried about a child from Eden Park High School please contact a member of staff (contact details can be found here) or call the NSPCC on 080 800 5000 or the Bromley Social Care Team by calling 0208 461 7373 or click here for further information.

The majority of students are now learning remotely. Teachers are uploading lessons to the online platform classcharts. Each child has been given their access code to log into this platform. You can also view the schedule of work by clicking here.

If you have any issues accessing classcharts please email Ms R. Smith (

The school will be checking students are accessing this online learning platform and engaging in the work that has been set for them.

For students who do not have access to this online platform they are able to collect study packs from the reception area of the school. The school will be open from 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday.

The school has a number of other online learning platforms students can access to complete independent work. Click below to access the various platforms.

SAM Learning

Sam Learning is an online tool that provides support for all subject areas. Students can participate in a variety of activities and can select the specific topics they would like to focus on. Students can earn points for completing each activity and can create their own character. Healthy competition is encouraged with tutor groups competing for the most points and individual students seeing how they rank within their year group.

For more information on Sam Learning or to request your child’s login details please email

Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths is a great online platform students can access to enhance their mathematical abilities.

For more information on Hegarty Maths or to request your child’s login details please email


Kerboodle supports students learning of modern foreign languages. Students are able to access an online version of the textbook used in class for French and Spanish. The textbook comes with a number of resources and activities students can engage with to develop their language skills in either French or Spanish.

For more information or to request your child’s login details please email

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning is an online resource used by Science teachers to help consolidate content learnt, or as a starting point for a new topic. Students are guided through a range of tutorials and then asked to complete questions on that topic at the end of the assignment. Teachers can then see data on how long each student has spent on the assignment, the percentage of correct answers they gave and the ways in which students have responded to the questions. This software is popular as it is a good way of allowing students to attempt regular, exam-style questions in line with GCSE and KS3 specifications. The software also helps the department analyse areas that students require extra intervention on.

For more information on Seneca Learning or to request your child’s login details please email

You are able to access the blog from our school library by clicking here. Mrs Nolan has also posted information about how to access free e-books, e-comics and audio books from the public library here. The School Libraries Group also has a list of academic resources here and the British Library ‘Discover Books Exhibition’ provides free access to texts, author talks, tips and advice which can be accessed here.

The Department for Education has also put together a useful collection of online resources which can be found by clicking here.

The school has also hosted additional work on classcharts for students to access and enhance their learning. This is optional for students to complete but parents/guardians and students may find these resources helpful. A selection of these resources has been provided below and these will be added to over the coming weeks.

Click here for a History activity pack.

Click here for a Year 7 Science activity pack.

Click here for a Year 8 Science activity pack.

Click here for a Year 9 Science activity pack.

There are also a number of other online platforms that have been made resources available for free to students. Below is a list of other useful online learning sites you may wish to use.


Audible are offering hundreds of titles for free for 0 – 18 year olds.

Soundation is an online platform that enables you to start making your own music. It also has an online community to share music with others.

BBC Bitesize has also increased the number of resources available online.

Action for happiness ( have also created a bank of useful resources to use with you child.

If you are aware of any other online learning platforms or would like to share any ideas with the local community please email for them to be included on this webpage.