The 5 C’s


We hold the highest expectations for every student and achievement on all levels is celebrated and rewarded. We set ambitious and challenging targets and support our students to enable them to reach the best of their ability.

Here are our 5c’s that make Eden Park High School a great environment for learning:


Preparing students for the world of work


Opening dialogue and understanding


Encouraging ambition and facing new challenges

Critical thinking

Developing rational and intelligent approaches


Supporting and improving our community

Our staff place great value on developing high quality relationships with the students and every student’s unique ability is nurtured. Our students are supported by their tutors who provide daily guidance ensuring students are equipped to manage all aspects of life, both in and out of school. We believe in our students and in turn they have confidence in themselves.

The curriculum is broad and tailor-made so that every student is motivated and engaged. Learning pathways are carefully designed so that they meet all student’s needs and abilities. A busy child is a happy child and happiness leads to success. A student’s day will be full as they experience a wide range of subject areas, from Science to Performing Arts, from English to Modern Foreign Languages, from Creative Arts to Humanities.

Parents are a key factor in determining their child’s success in school. We look for mutual support and work with yourselves to provide the right balance of help, comfort and boundaries as and when they are needed for your children.