The PPG was introduced to assist schools to narrow the attainment gap between students from disadvantaged backgrounds. By focusing on students who are, or have been, entitled to Free School Meals the PPG can be seen to focus on an economic measure to define educational disadvantage.

The focus areas will be reviewed annually and strategies used will be evaluated for their impact on student outcomes in the widest sense. The strategies may vary from time of publication to meet the identified needs of learners that become apparent during the course of the Academic Year.  All costs are TBC at this time as final enrolment of students is yet to be completed and the final number of students eligible for the PPG is yet to be confirmed.

Please click the icon below for the schools latest statement in relation to Pupil Premium. How to apply for the Pupil Premium or Free School Meals is included in the statement.

For September 2021 Admissions, parents/guardians should complete an additional supplementary form for PPG below. Please note this is in addition to the Common Application Form on the Local Authority website.