Who we are

Our staff list


Emily Codling ecodling@eph.e21c.co.uk Headteacher
Steve Muzio smuzio@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Headteacher
Karen Moorey kmoorey@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Headteacher Pastoral/Design Arts/Food/Citizenship
Tom Golding tgolding@eph.e21c.co.uk Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning/PE/Science
Kate Bayman kbayman@eph.e21c.co.uk SENCO/Design Arts/Citizenship
Justice Asafo-Adjei jasafo-adjei@eph.e21c.co.uk Director of Behaviour, Attitudes and Inclusion
Dave Humber dhumber@eph.e21c.co.uk Director of Personal Development/science



Michael Addis 8031 maddis@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Head of Year 7/ English Tutor
Modupe Ani 8060 mani@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor
Hayley Arnold 8035 harnold@eph.e21.co.uk Learning Mentor
Joshua Baffour-Asare 8050 Jbaffour-asare@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor/Science/PE
Aoife Bainbridge 8040 abainbridge@eph.e21c.co.uk Maths
Fiona Beaumont 8057/8058 fbeaumont@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 7 Tutor/PE
Stacey Cabey 8024 scabey@eph.e21c.co.uk Cover Supervisor/Geography
Vanessa Cadden 8024 vcadden@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 9 Tutor/Geography
Janet Callaghan 8031 jcallaghan@eph.e21c.co.uk Head of Year 8/English
Salimah Camara 8045 scamara@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 9 Tutor/French
Richard Cooke 8011 rcooke@eph.e21c.co.uk Site Services
Jason Collins 8031 jcollins@eph.e21c.co.uk Director of English/Year 7 Tutor
Michael Clark 8011 mclark@eph.e21c.co.uk Site services
Claire Darlington 8032 cdarlington@eph.e21c.co.uk Head of Year 7 /Dance
Gemma Dormer 8032 gdormer@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 7 Tutor/Dance
James Dunson 8028 jdunson@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor/Music
Lisa Dos Anjos Santos 8005 lsantos@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor
Jake Foreman 8040 jforeman@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor/Head of Maths
Jane Gavin 8063 jgavin@eph.e21c.co.uk Catering
Louise Goodrich 8029 lgoodrich@eph.e21c.co.uk Design Arts/Food
Fiona O’Donoghue 8031 FODonoghue@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor/English
Claire Hewitt 8063 chewitt@eph.e21c.co.uk Catering
Daisy Hudson 8032 dhudson@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor/Performing Arts
Tracey Keefe 8051 tkeefe@eph.e21c.co.uk Science Technician
Lucy Malyon 8033 lmalyon@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Head of Year 8/Learning Mentor
Natalie McIntosh 8032 nmcintosh@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor and Lead Teacher Aspiration/Design/Arts
Dominique McKenzie-Spooner 8049 dmackenzie-spooner@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 7 Tutor/Science
Kathrine McLean 8046 KMcLean@eph.e21c.co.uk History
Line Montero 8045 lmontero@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 7 Tutor/Spanish
Adam Murphy 8058/8059 amurphy@eph.e21c.co.uk Head of Year 9/PE
Caroline Nolan 8062 cnolan@eph.e21c.co.uk Librarian
Nicholas Pearce 8028 npearce@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 7 Tutor/Music
Taylor Peters 8048 tpeters@eph.e21c.co.uk Science Tech/Assistant Librarian
Khadija Robinson 8041 khrobinson@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Head of Year 9/Maths
Chloe Rodgerson 8046 crodgerson@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor/History
Georgina Roseweir 8041 groseweir@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor
Sara Sanchez 8046 sshanchez@eph.e21c.co.uk Learning Mentor/Spanish
Mark Shuttleworth 8044 mshuttleworth@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 9 Tutor and Director of Student Leadership and Wellbeing
Rachel Smith 8024 rsmith@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 9 (Tutor and Director for Extended Learning/Geography
Mel Turner 8053 mturner@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 9 Tutor/Lead Teacher of Design Arts-Textiles
Mudiaga Wanogho 8050 mwanogho@eph.e21.co.uk Learning Mentor/ Science/PE
Anthony White 8050 awhite@eph.e21c.co.uk Tutor of Science
Connie Wong 8040 cwong@eph.e21c.co.uk Year 8 Tutor and Lead Teacher Most Able/Maths
Fatima Zahra 8040 fzahra@eph.e21.co.uk Learning Mentor/Citizenship
Shahnaz Zarif 8046 SZarif@eph.e21c.co.uk History
Pastoral 8033



Absence Line 8013 absence@edenparkhigh.info
Reception 8000 info@edenparkhigh.com
Samantha Moorey 8015 smoorey@eph.e21c.co.uk School Business Manager
Julia Dowling 8023 jdowling@eph.e21c.co.uk PA to Headteacher
Ann-Marie Peel 8022 apeel@eph.e21c.co.uk Attendance & Family Worker
Tammy Doyle 8007 tdoyle@eph.e21c.co.uk Office Manager
Victoria Ayling 8008 vayling@eph.e21c.co.uk Deputy Office Manager
Mia Smith 8312 msmith@eph.e21c.co.uk Medical Administration
Geraldine Foster 8021 gefoster@eph.e21c.co.uk Administrative Assistant
Natalie Jewell 8019 njewell@eph.e21c.co.uk Administrative Assistant
Yasmin Eddleston 8020 Yeddleston@eph.e21c.co.uk Administrative Assistant
Laura Corrigan 8070 lcorrigan@eph.e21c.co.uk Administrative Assistant
Linda Essam 8036 LEssam@eph.e21c.co.uk School Nurse – Tuesday Only F20D