Welcome to the Year 7 Welcome Evening. To begin with here is a message from Miss O’Donoghue, the Head of Year 7.

Welcome from the Headteacher Mrs. Codling

Next is a video from Mr. Asafo Adjei, our Director of Behaviour, Attitudes and Inclusion

Information from our Director of Extended Learning – Miss. Smith

Introducing our Director of Personal Development – Mr. Humber

Next up is our Deputy Headteacher, Mr. Muzio

And a now a welcome from each of our Form Tutors for Year 7

Mr. Afzal – 7AAF

Ms. Akinrinade – 7AAK

Ms. Halls – 7EHA

Ms. J. Bondswell – 7JBO

Mr. M. Wanagho – 7MWA

Mr. N. Chandler – 7NCH

Ms. S. Varghese – 7SVA

Mrs. Freire – 7VFR